Science Application

Science Applications

We enable research facilities to streamline operations, enhance automated operations and contribute to labor efficiency in the health care sector. Moreover we contribute to scientific research by providing our FG beads magnetic nano-particles to protein research, enable CT scanners, DNA detectors in laboratories and support welfare with moving nursing robots. Our servo motors make surgical robots conduct even challenging surgical procedures with highest accuracy and repeatability.

Servo Motors / Drivers / Controllers and Rotary Encoders

Servo motors for exoskeletons makes lifting care-dependent persons easy. Supported by our range of high-accuracy sensors servo motors drive surgical robots to conduct surgical procedures with yet not known precision.


Even in the deep sea our resolver make it possible to precisely use equipment like robot-arms mounted on research submarines.

FG Beads

In pharmaceutical research, it is extremely important to perform isolate and identify the protein that is the target of a drug (compound) in vivo. In the past the isolation and identification of the drug target protein were extremely difficult which required large amounts of time and effort. In joint research with Professor Hiroshi Handa at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has Tamagawa developed the new nanomagnetic particles “FG beads®” and the automated screening system “Target Angler”.
Please check our dedicated website for this fascinating technology.

Stepping Motors

Stepping motors are widely used for the precise movement within apparatures for scientific research like gas chromatographs and devices for DNA or biochemical analysis.

Innovation, quality and efficiency paired with high resistance and durability.

Since its foundation Tamagawa has taken up the challenge of further improving angular precision for control equipment such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros. We are determined to satisfy your requirements with our high quality products by improving our technologies continuously and also constantly developing and applying new technologies. We can look back on an extensive industry-proven track record in all our fields of application.

Tamagawa Europe supports you in finding the best solution for your case of application.