About Synchros

Synchros are highly reliable angle detector with a long operating life.

Brushless resolver and brushless synchro can be used for high accrete feedback of position and speed sensing, and pole detection of motor.
Through their features of resistance for harsh environment and other reasons, they are used with motors for machine tools and robots, in steelworks.


Sychro is used for transmitting mechanical angle variation of transmitter over a long distance. Syncho is classified into two types. Torque Sychro as above and Control Synchro. Control synchro detects the angle with receiving mechanical angle variation in the form of output voltage.

We provide you with highly accurate and reliable positioning systems supported by various types of indicators and transducers equipped with environmentally rigid synchro transmitters as a sensor.

Innovation, quality and efficiency paired with high resistance and durability.

Since its foundation Tamagawa has taken up the challenge of further improving angular precision for control equipment such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros. We are determined to satisfy your requirements with our high quality products by improving our technologies continuously and also constantly developing and applying new technologies. We can look back on an extensive industry-proven track record in all our fields of application.

Tamagawa Europe supports you in finding the best solution for your case of application.