Step Motors / Drivers

Step Motors/Drivers/Servo Systems

Simple positioning control by high torque and sensorless motors. Abundant lineup corresponding to various application.


Step Motors

Rotational speed of step motor is defined by pulse rate and its rotational angle is defined by the amount of pulses. These digital signals enable open loop control, which does not require feedback structure. On the other hand the unit step angle is defined by the mechanical structure of a rotor and a stator. The step motor is also called Stepping Motor, Stepper or Pulse Motor because no unified name is established. Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. unifies to call it Step Motor.


Step Motors

  • Capable of controlling precise position in open loop
  • Capable of holding the static position stable by self-holding torque
  • Capable of responding fast to the starting, stopping and reversing with its superior acceleration
  • No maintenance is needed for the mechanical wear as is often the case with brushes for DC motors

Step Motor Servo System

  • Providing superior performance and smooth operation, when precise positioning control is needed.
  • i-STEP MOTOR (Motor & Driver) is a step motor servo system which controls step motors via a closed loop. Smoother high speed drive is realized by general-purpose pulse row drive.


High accuracy, High torque, and High speed.

Small size, High torque, High speed & Low rotor inertia.

Innovation, quality and efficiency paired with high resistance and durability.

Since its foundation Tamagawa has taken up the challenge of further improving angular precision for control equipment such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros. We are determined to satisfy your requirements with our high quality products by improving our technologies continuously and also constantly developing and applying new technologies. We can look back on an extensive industry-proven track record in all our fields of application.

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