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AC Servomotor/Driver/Controller・DC Servomotor・Smartmotor・Network Servo System”SV-NET”.
We respond to wide range of needs with different variations.


New servo motor with previous high accuracy and smaller size. High resolution serial optical encoder, small size, low cogging.

New servo motor with previous high accuracy and smaller size! High resolution serial optical encoder (23bit available), small size (top level in market) and low cogging.

Low inertia series having excellent acceleration suitable for semiconductor devices. Speedy and powerful, alert movement which is achieved with low inertia and increased acceleration, low noise and low vibration. The peak torque is three and a half times higher than the rated torque.

Optimal for industrial robots, press machines,machine tools, weaving machines.

Compact size, High reliability AC Servo Motor. A small servomotor compatible with a small stepmotor. Equipped with the world’s smallest resolver (Smartsyn) excellent in environment resistance (temperature, vibration, shock, etc.).

A miniature AC servo motor making possible via densification the size reduction of products such as semiconductor fabrication equipment, chip mounters, and small XY tables. This AC servo motor is available as either an encoder or resolver.

Innovation, quality and efficiency paired with high resistance and durability.

Since its foundation Tamagawa has taken up the challenge of further improving angular precision for control equipment such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros. We are determined to satisfy your requirements with our high quality products by improving our technologies continuously and also constantly developing and applying new technologies. We can look back on an extensive industry-proven track record in all our fields of application.

Tamagawa Europe supports you in finding the best solution for your case of application.